Custom Order - Shaya E.

Custom Order - Shaya E.

To hand-sew a lovely Juliet cap veil for Shaya.

  1. The veil will be ivory in color
  2. It will be Cathedral length 
  3. It will be 9 feet long in length
  4. It will have lace trim all along the bottom U-part of the veil
  5. The lace will be delicate and narrow so as to complement the Juliet cap style of the veil
  6. The veil will NOT have a blusher
  7. It will be embellished with beads and tiny lace and floral accents 
  8. The cap size will be made to a fit 56 cm head measurement 
  9. The veil will be secured to the hair with tiny wire combs on each side 

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Posh Veils

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