Custom Order - Jennie G.

Custom Order - Jennie G.

To hand-sew a stunning 1920's inspired bridal cap for Jennie.

  1. the bridal cap veil will be diamond white in color
  2. the veil will be made in soft English tulle
  3. it will be 9 feet long in length
  4. there will be an embellishment on one side of the cap (the left side)
  5. I will use lace and some rhinestones & beads for the embellishment
  6. the cap will be secured to the hair using  wire combs
  7. the cap will be cut to make sure that the tulle comes straight down and NOT in the wavy pattern of the one your tried on


Tags: Veil

Type: Bridal Cap

Vendor: Posh Veils

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