About Us

Every veil or headpieces is delicately hand-made in Toronto. My design process is a delicate love affair of: measuring, cutting, pattern layering, and hand-sewing each veil or headpiece. Every veil I make must be of the highest quality.

As the years go by, I have found that my craftsmanship is of the highest standard. I invest a lot of time in developing and improving silhouettes, styles, and techniques. When I look back, the veils I make today are even more luxurious and beautiful than before!   

Every detail on each veil or headpiece is well thought-out. The fit, the cut, and the overall look of the veil or headpiece is important to me. Every veil I hand-make for a bride-to-be is customized to the bride’s specifications. In my design process, I take into account: the bride's wedding dress, the bride's wedding theme, the bride's wedding location, date, and season (winter, summer, fall, spring).

My aim is to provide stunning veils and headpieces to brides that appreciate custom hand-made luxury.